Hello! Welcome to my web site. I'm Alexander Sheykin, aka Alex Acco. Here you'll find audio and video recordings, as well as pictures of me performing.

The accordion is my life. When I was a child my mother and aunt used to play their accordions together for me. Because of what they shared with me, I began playing the accordion at six years old. Since then I have had the chance to perform all over the world for audiences both great and small and have loved every minute of it. By sharing my excitement for the music with the audience, I enjoy myself as much as they do.

One of the main reasons I love the accordion is its versatility. The accordion can be the soloist, it can be the accompaniment, it can play in the highest registers or the lowest, it can even be the biggest or smallest sound in the ensemble. It is a veritable orchestra of sound and function. I also love the sound of the accordion. Nothing else is quite like it. Because of the bellows and the reeds, it has a sound reminiscent of a human's voice. It has breath, it has timbre, and it has a soulful tone. Because of all this, the accordion is able to play in any style of music, be it classical, jazz, rock, or even its old mainstay, the polka.

I want to expand people's conception of the accordion, to make it more familiar to people all over the world. It has given me a life that has made me very happy and continues to do so every single day. When I give this feeling to another person, I am made even happier. Thank you, and enjoy!


Audio Tracks

  • 1. Les Miserables - Korean pop song by Lucid Fall.
  • 2. Heading to the wrong way - Soundtrack to a korean TV drama "Bitterwseet life".
  • 3. Besame mucho - from my album Here & There
  • 4. Tango La Cumparsita - Accordiomania Duo from my album Here & There
  • 5. Flick Flack-Carousel - Accordiomania Duo from my album Here & There
  • 6. Arirang - a Korean folk song
  • 7. La Vie En Rose
  • 8. Autumn Leaves
  • 9. Lara's Theme - from the movie Dr.Zhivago
  • 10. Close to You - from album Accordion Cinema
  • 11. La Valse d'Amelie - from album Accordion Cinema
  • 12. Shadow for your smile - from album Accordion Cinema

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Youtube channel: alexacco

You can view all my videos at my Youtube Channel: alexacco.

Here are links to separate videos, but all of them are on youtube, just search: alexacco. Take a look!

Photo Gallery

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by Alexander Sheykin

by Alexander Sheykin
Track List
  1. C. Velasquez - BESAME MUCHO
  2. J. Columbo & T. Murena - INDIFFERENCE
  3. A. Zatsepin - THE MOMENT
  4. A. Eshpai - FALLING SNOW
  5. A. Piazzolla - LIBERTANGO
  6. M. Rodriguez - LA CUMPARSITA
  7. P. Tchaikovsky - CHANSON TRISTE
  8. M. Jarre - LARA'S THEME
  9. L. Gugilelmi - LA VIE EN ROSE
  11. Y. Shakhnov - CAROUSEL

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